A story of courage, friendship
and forgiveness for all ages.

What has happened to the clouds?

Naio is a lost and lonely feather in the valley. An icy storm threatens to destroy her home before it sweeps her into sky. She meets a red balloon and together they discover where the trouble began and the truth of who she is.

Two short stories

Also included are The Big Round Rock in the Sky, a meditation on the moon. Join Naio the feather and Tama the pebble as they listen to origin stories of the moon from the perspective a rock, a firefly, and a moth.

Queen of the Flowerbeds. A family of plants float into the court of Queen Irene, only to find out they aren't welcome. A tale of acceptance and bravery.

A multi-award winning book and audiobook!

Where All the Little Things Live is a Purple Dragonfly Award winner!

Reader feedback:

“I liked the moth king because he told Luna that we all love your gentle brightness, and please come back. It sounded like they actually loved Luna. At first it seemed liked no one liked her, but then it turned out that everyone loved her.”
“it’s so helpful to read about strong, quiet heroes like Naio who also struggle with real fears.”
“I loved this story and the underlying theme of acceptance. It feels very familiar and relevant in this moment.”
“I love all the different stories about Luna. It’s a wonderful way to present the idea that we all understand the world through our different circumstances, locations, and experiences.”

All of my books are printed by Eberhardt Press, an independent, printer in Portland, Oregon on a Ryobi 2-color offset press. A limited from of casebound editions made my Windy Weather Bindery.

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An immersive audiobook

I create immersive experiences for all ages with my audiobooks. I record, edit, perform and compose music; I see them as an opportunity to do all of these things that I enjoy.

For Where All the Little Things Live, I was fortunate to enlist the talents of several others:


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